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General5 S MethodologyGet an overview of 5S methodology for an efficient, decision making process to eliminate waste. Explore examples for creating an optimal organization in your facility.
SafetyActive (Shooter) Assailant SafetyLearn industry best practices to prevent, recognize, plan, and react to an active (shooter) assailant incident.
MaintenanceAdvanced ElectricalDiscover more about electricity in amusements. In this advanced video course, review three phase power, circuit breakers, voltage drop, wiring, electrical loads, and VFDs.
GeneralAmusement Ride and Device Field InspectionThis session is focusing on the field of amusement ride and device inspection regarding mobile devices. The discussion will focus on identifying key components, using the manuals
GeneralASTM F24 Current StandardsThis course is a general overview of all current ASTM F24 standards pertaining to amusement rides and devices.
GeneralASTM F770 Inspection and MaintenanceThis course is an overview of the current F770 standard sections specifically related to the inspection and maintenance of amusement rides and devices.
GeneralASTM F770 OperationsThis course is an overview of the current F770 standard sections specifically related to the operation of amusement rides and devices.
GeneralBasic Maintenance: Brakes and TroubleshootingWe identify the different types of brakes and how they operate, discuss performing inspections and adjusting brakes and gain a basic understanding troubleshooting both electrical and mechanical components and discuss the tools used in troubleshooting.
GeneralBasic Maintenance: Fasteners and Wire RopeParticipants who are new to the industry will learn basic knowledge about fasteners and wire ropes and their applications in the amusement industry. Participants will compare different types of fasteners and wire ropes identifying their purpose.
GeneralBasic Maintenance: Motors and GearboxesIn this course we will discuss the most used motors in our industry, learn how to use basic faults and failures for troubleshooting motors. Additionally, we will identify various couplings and gearboxes and how to install and align them.
GeneralBasic Maintenance: Pneumatics and HydraulicsThis course will discuss the components in a basic pneumatic circuit and their function. Along with the steps to performing an inspection of a basic pneumatic system.
MaintenanceBearing Types and UsesIn the industry, many types of bearings are used. In this video course review the various types of bearings, their unique applications and examples of how a bearing may fail.
GeneralBeing the New Safety PersonProvides an overview of being the new safety person
MaintenanceBlock System TroubleshootingThis course provides a basic understanding of the counter and latch type block systems, and provides tools and methods to aid in troubleshooting.
MaintenanceBlockingBlocking is the base that supports an amusement ride. This session promotes proper installation and inspection of this critical component.
GeneralBloodborne Pathogens OSHA 1910 1030This presentation will cover the requirements of the OSHA standard related to Bloodborne Pathogens in the workplace, including universal precautions, engineering controls, vaccinations, recordkeeping and training
OperationsBOMI - Operations ModuleBOMI - Operations is a module in AIMS' Basic Ops, Maintenance Inspection. The Ops module is a pilot program that is a series of 5 lessons reviewing the basics of operations targeting new professionals in the industry.
GeneralCarnival Emergency PlanningDiscuss the importance of emergency planning, from proper pre-event emergency planning through the close of your event., and the types of emergency plans.
InspectionCommon Ride Inspection PointsIdentify common inspection points, review resources and manufacturer direction for ride inspections. Observe real examples from past inspections to identify tolerance levels.
GeneralConfined Spaces SafetyDiscuss all aspects of safety as it relates to entering and working in confined space
InspectionControl Systems for InspectorsGet the basics for control systems and learn how to inspect one. Know how to tell when a system has been modified or whether if it is operating normally during an inspection.
GeneralConveyor BeltsConveyor systems are on water attractions and require inspections that follow codes guiding the inspection. Know the conveyor system basics to be prepared for inspection.
GeneralD.O.T. Helping the Carnival Industry with Transportation/Trucking IssuesCourse basic information and federal Department of Transportation regulations related to over-the-road transportation by commercial carriers of amusement rides and devices as applied to the traveling show/carnival segment of the amusement industry
MaintenanceDeveloping a Maintenance Training ProgramLearn to organize, design, deliver and evaluate a maintenance training plan. Gain ideas to involve & energize staff turning technical experts into trainers for your property.
MaintenanceElectrical Controls - PC Ladder Logic, RelayThis course is an introduction to the fundamental principles of electrical controls, logic and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).
MaintenanceElectrical Controls - Sensors, Eyes and SwitchesThis course reviews sensor technologies including safety devices. Selection criteria, installation considerations, & troubleshooting/maintenance tips reviewed using examples.
MaintenanceElectrical GroundingGrounding and bonding are important in the amusement industry. Know the codes that apply to the industry. See examples in the industry.
MaintenanceElectrical Schematic ReadingLearn the fundamentals for reading an electrical schematic document. Understand how to read, recognize changes and identify how to troubleshoot with drawings.
GeneralExit Routes, Emergency Action Plans and, Fire Prevention PlansThis course will provide information taken from OSHA’s Subpart E which covers exit routes, emergency action plans and fire prevention plans
GeneralFacility InspectionInspections beyond the steel: Facility inspections include more than daily operational attraction inspections. Discover what else should be inspected before guests arrive.
GeneralFacility Inspections 101Course will provide a basic exploration into the field of inspection regarding facilities, buildings and grounds. The discussion will focus on identifying key areas, using appropriate codes..
MaintenanceFluid Power BasicsGet an overview of fluid power, learning fluid power history, the components and how to read hydraulics on schematics. Discover how hydraulics work in amusement applications.
MaintenanceFluid Power TroubleshootingGet the basics of fluid power troubleshooting as well as common failure conditions in fluid power. Learn how to identify an issue and solve it.
GeneralFood Safety ManagementThis course will discuss the principals of food safety, including the dangers of improper food safety, the estimated cost associated with improper food safety, how the management and training of food service employees affect food safety.
GeneralGo Kart and Bumper Boat Maintenance and OperationsOverview of boat and kart maintenance and operation procedures to include maintenance and safety inspections as well as daily checklists before guest use
GeneralHazard Communication Standard OSHA 1910.1200 Subpart ZThis course will review OSHA’s standard for Hazard Communication and discuss the safe use, labeling and training in the workplace. The course will also discuss planning for the use of safer chemicals in the workplace.
GeneralInclement WeatherWeather impacts a ride’s operation. Know the different types of weather and review considerations for inclement weather that should be in your emergency action plan.
GeneralIntro and Updates To ASTM StandardThis course is an introduction to the ASTM F24 Committee Standards for amusement rides and devices.
GeneralLife Safety Code NFPA 101This course covers the history of the Life Safety Code, as well as how it affects the safe operation of Special Amusement Buildings in the amusement industry.
GeneralMaking Rides AccessibleMaking a ride accessible for ADA. What rider requirements are needed? Understand the difference between access and safety.
GeneralMeasurementThis course provides an overview of the concepts of basic measurement techniques and the basic tools used to achieve accurate measurements.
MaintenanceMotor MaintenanceLearn everything you need to know about motors. Review its components and recognize how to tell when it may be failing, how to troubleshoot and how to test them.
GeneralNFPA 101 Life Safety Code for Travel ShowsCourse provides an introduction to Life Safety Code as it relates to amusement rides and attractions; its history, applicability, provisions, and implementation to special amusement buildings; other NFPA codes of interest to amusement ride operators
GeneralO.U.R.A: Operations & Use Risk AssessmentIdentify benefits of completing an OURA for an attraction and how the OURA process can reduce risk. Learn how to complete an OURA. See examples of how to do conduct an OURA.
OperationsOperations: Inspections and AuditsThis entry level course reviews the importance of ride operations supervisors completing daily safety inspections and team member audits monitoring performance.
GeneralProject ManagementThe course will look into basic techniques of planning, executing and reviewing the results of a typical project.